Kitchen Remodeling Challenges

Kitchen remodeling challenges

Ask any designer and they will tell you that most challenging kitchen design project has been for the very old homes. These homes have been designed long time back when the entire concept of interiors was different. Modern homes are not only conceptualized with newer design ideas but also come with other rules and restrictions like the need to energy efficient or eco-friendly. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every new kitchen is easy but when you are planning or designing a whole house from scratch maintaining that uniformity is definitely easier. But for older homes it can be quite a challenge especially since modernizing the kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean modernizing the rest of the house.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 kitchen remodeling challenges that accompany these projects.


Matching old with the new – Most of the older home sport kitchens that are dated and at times quite dark or have a décor that even the black and white TV era will reject. But they are wider and bigger than what most new kitchens have in terms of space, begging to be utilized properly. Remodeling this space without changing the floor plan or breaking down the walls can be a challenge and the area has to be converted to an open and bright space which will flow easily into the rest of the house. You need to add a bigger island, and if space permits a wine bar and pantry if these are missing.

Choosing the right materials – Changing the cabinets to sleek hardwood, and opting for a mix of glass and open shelving could do wonders to open up the space. Some of these homes come with very heavy and ornate cabinetry which could be confining for the space. Redoing the cabinets to sleeker finish is advisable especially since you have to redo the appliances and all other gadgets to match the energy efficiency needs. Keeping the old cabinets will create a clash and do nothing for the look even if you go ahead and change and modernize the appliances. Figuring out the design and matching it with the cost is important.


Going over the budget – It is quite a common complaint from homeowners that they crossed over their initial budget half way through their remodeling project. It can happen, but you can control the cost to a large extent if you plan well. There is nothing better than research so find some time out of your daily schedule to read up and shop around before you plan your new kitchen. Your choice of interior designers and contractors is also important here. Don’t just go by their fees but also their experience because their time tested experience can be a better guide in controlling costs than anything else.

Your kitchen needs to be an area that you are proud of and want to show off to your guests, where they will automatically gather for drinks and chat. It is wise to look for designers who understand your needs and can match your budget effortlessly.

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