RTA Cabinets VS Traditional Cabinets

The debate between RTA cabinets vs traditional cabinets is an ongoing one and it doesn’t look like it will be over anytime soon. Both have their own intrinsic ways of functioning and utility which match with the varying idiosyncrasies of homeowners and designers. What this essentially means is that there is no good or bad when it comes to these cabinets, just different. So instead of a debate, a discussion of the features and benefits of each would be more proactive and perhaps yield a better result.


RTA cabinets vs traditional cabinets: Take a look at the 5Cs of cabinet choice to understand the difference.

  • Custom – It is a known fact that traditional cabinets have more scope for customization than RTA cabinets. Most traditional cabinets are conceptualized and built as per customer specifications which leave a lot of room for change. While it is not the same with RTA products, you can opt for some high end brands that offer some custom options as well. You get choose just the kind of quality you want.
  • Components – The components provided by each are quite different, both in terms of material and hardware. Again, the customer’s taste and budget does play a big role here but getting very expensive or state of the art hardwood cabinets is perhaps easier when you opt for traditional cabinetry. Having said that, leading RTA brands are offering all wood cabinets as well and at very affordable rates too.
  • Cost – The huge difference in cost is a big determining factor for choosing these cabinets. Since the traditional cabinets are mostly custom makes which involve specified built and are designed from scratch, they are more expensive. Since the RTA products come built and just need assembling they are way more affordable. Contrary to public opinion, premade cabinets do not mean inferior quality so with a good RTA kitchen cabinets you get to enjoy quality and affordability at the same time.
  • Convenience – Another huge point in favor of the RTA products is their convenience and the ease with which they can be set up. Assembling them is super easy and can be done by any DIY enthusiast, whether it’s a homeowner, handyman or service personnel from the manufacturing company itself. Since it consumes little time and effort to set these up the installation cost is also minimal compared to the traditional cabinets. Of course, for the latter the installation is a part of the entire project but the all-inclusive cost is still considerable.
  • Care – Taking care of the RTA cabinets is very easy and a major reason for their increasing popularity. Very few people have the time to clean and care for cabinets every day so a product that needs little maintenance is always in high demand. Moreover, with leading RTA brands you will find cabinets that are also scratch and burn proof which is usually a big headache for traditional cabinet owners.


As you can see each of these cabinets have their own pros and cons. Checking out the features of RTA cabinets vs traditional cabinets will go a long way to make the right decision for your home.

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