Our Products will help you with home decorating needs.

Are you planning to decorate your home? Whether you are designing a new home or just decorating few rooms, a little research will go a long way to help. There are some very basic guidelines to follow when you are decorating home. For most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the household and how you design it will reflect your personality as well as define the comfort factor behind it.

We offer the following products to design and decorate your home:

Wood frames. Picture wood frames come in many different shapes and forms. We specialize in solid wood picture frames.

Panels. Our wood panels will decorate your walls and possibly hide existing imperfections. They come in more than 30 different colors and textures.

Picture canvas. We offer quality picture canvas.

Kitchen cabinets. Quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets are offered through our partners RTA Cabinet Supply.

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Helpful tips:

Room Location – One of the first things to consider is the area or decorating location of your home vis a vis the rest of the house. Some homes have the kitchen space enclosed off from the rest of the house while most new homes have open designs. In the latter case, typically the first floor pans out from the living area to the kitchen which means that your kitchen design has to be uniform with your overall home design. If it is set off from the rest of the living area you can choose a more unique design without creating an imbalance.

Size – When it comes to size there are two very important things to consider. A large room would mean a lot of options for storage and big wide tiles. Planning for these will be different from planning for a smaller or more compact space which would need more innovative designs. Again, all small space are not the same and planning for a small suburban home is going to be very different than planning for a loft or studio room. Not just in terms of discerning tastes but also in terms of space utilization.

Appliances – Placement of the sink and appliances would need careful planning, in terms of overall dimension, looks as well as utility. Then you have the choice of brands and the kind of appliances you want. If you are remodeling a kitchen then hauling out the old and replacing them with new is a big task, especially since all the wiring and plumbing will have to be updated as well. Apart from the basics that every kitchen has like the dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and microwave you might want to opt for extras if you have a large space. For smaller spaces, placement of these appliances, stackable or side-by-side could be a consideration. You can also consider decorative panels to cover the refrigerator.

The other things you need to keep in mind are inclusion of pantry space, which could be walk-in or a storage cupboard. The walls and the floors are very important as well since your choice of color will set the look and mood. Make sure that these don’t close in on the space but enhances their look. It is time now to personalize this area with your own touches of décor and put a stamp of your presence in it.